Active Schools

The Active School Flag is a Department of Education and Skills initiative which recognises schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community, by awarding them with an Active School Flag (ASF). The pupils and staff of SHNS are working together and embracing this initiative in the hope of achieving this official active school status in the coming school year.


To become an active school in SHNS we


  • Provide all pupils with appropriate PE provision and ensure the school PE plan is both comprehensive and up to date.
  • Energise the school day for the children by running initiatives such as
    • 10@10
    • Energetic rainy days in our school sports hall
    • And active dry days on our spacious school yard and grass area with P.E equipment left assessable for the children to play with

The teachers and children also love to get moving to – Check it out!

  • Plan various extra-curricular physical activities throughout the school year, before, during and after the school day. These include Hurling365, Rugby, Gymnastics, Skipping Rope Workshops, Swimming, Dance, GAA coaching, FAI Soccer Tournaments, Athletics, Rounders and Rackard League.
  • Organise a yearly Active School Week, which takes place in April, but not forgetting our Annual Sports Day in June!
  • Ensure that all the children in SHNS are including and participating in all activities.
  • Create a fun and positive experience for our school community, surrounded by physical education and being physically active.


To help run the above initiatives, an Active School Committee is formed each year. The children on this committee will have meetings with the teachers and together they will brainstorm ideas to get our school more active. They will report back to their classes and post news and information on our Active School Notice Board.


Please follow all of our activities on our school blog or on our Sacred Heart N.S Twitter page @SHNSNewbawn