School Self-Evaluation Report

Sacred Heart N.S., Newbawn, Co. Wexford

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In the last year, we have looked at teaching and learning in our school to find out what we are doing well. This is what we discovered:

Whole School Sigma-T (Math) Comparison with National Norms Bell Curve (2017-2018) showed more SHNS pupils performing in higher percentile bands in comparison to national norms.

89% of parents surveyed reported that their child(ren) enjoyed math.

75% of pupils surveyed reported that they use their math skills outside of the school environment.


This is what we did to find out what we were doing well, and what we could do better:

Analysis of standardized testing (Sigma-T) data through use of Scorz (online software)

Teacher Reflection and Observations

Parent Questionnaires

Pupil Questionnaires

Staff meetings

Board of Management meetings


This is what we are now going to work on:

Measure (one of strands of maths curriculum) with particular reference to capacity

Integration of iPads/use of interactive regarding the teaching of capacity

Introduction of further resources in the teaching of Measures/capacity


This is what you can do to help:

Completion of questionnaires/surveys in paper form/online

Discussion regarding maths with your child (ren)

Promotion of the importance of maths skills in everyday life

Here is some information about how we are carrying out our work and about what the Department of Education and Skills requires us to do.

School time and holidays

The Department requires all primary schools to have 183 school days each year.

To date we have  106/183  school days, with the school year running from 29th August 2018 to June 25th 2019 (excluding closures for polling station use).

The Department sets out a standardised school year and school holidays.

This year we took all our school holidays within the permitted time.

The Department sets out arrangements for parent/teacher meetings and staff meetings. This year we have held parent/teacher meetings and staff meetings, all in line with the Department’s regulations.


Looking after the children in our school

The Department requires schools to follow the Child Protection Procedures it has set down. Our board of management has agreed in writing to do this.                                  YES / NO

All teachers know about the Procedures and we have told

all parents about them and how we follow them.                                         YES / NO

Our Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is ____Lisa Crowe_____

and our Deputy DLP is                        ___Mairéad Whelan___


Enrolment and attendance

The Department requires schools to have and publish an admissions policy, to record and report attendance accurately, and to encourage high attendance and participation.

We have an admissions policy and it is published.                                        YES / NO

We reviewed (and updated) our admissions policy on:                                 [December 2018]

We keep accurate attendance records and report them as required.          YES / NO

We encourage high attendance in the following ways:

  • Attendance Policy
  • Assembly
  • Rewards/incentives

This is how you can help:

  • Attendance at school
  • Punctuality


Positive behaviour for a happy school

The Department requires schools to have a code of behaviour, and asks us to consult parents and children about it. We do this.                                                      YES / NO

Our code of behaviour describes and supports positive behaviour.              YES / NO

We have a very clear and high-profile anti-bullying policy in our school.    YES / NO