School Tour Policy



Sacred Heart N.S., Newbawn, Co.Wexford

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The Board of Management, Principal and staff of Newbawn N.S. recognise school tours as an integral part of school life. These serve to enrich the academic curriculum taught in the classroom and socially and personally develop the students who participate in them. A school tour is defined as any group travel comprising of at least one overnight stay.


  1. Prior to booking any tour, the Principal must request permission from the Board of Management to take students on a school tour. This request must be submitted in writing and should include travel dates, tour company details, insurance details, accommodation details, the travel itinerary, the agreed pupil/teacher ratio and the total price of the tour.
  2. Prior to seeking permission the Principal must ensure the proposed tour dates do not impinge upon the normal teaching routine of the school.
  3. All tours must be booked with a reputable tour company.

Class Teacher / Principal

Class Teachers attending school tours are responsible for their own class group.  SNA’s will attend to the needs of allocated pupils.

Pupil- Teacher Ratio

The accepted pupil – teacher ratio for most tours is 15:1. However, the pupil- teacher ratio might be expected to vary in certain circumstances:

-the age and maturity of the pupils involved

-the availability of alternative adult supervision

-the length of the tour

-the activities to be engaged in.


  1. The cost of a tour should be agreed in advance and take into consideration the ability of pupils and their parents to pay.
  2. The income and expenditure of funds associated with the tour should conform fully to the accounting practices of the school.
  3. Money can be collected in instalments. No money should be accepted without giving a receipt.
  4. All money received should be lodged through the school office to the school bank / post office account.
  5. In the event a pupil is to be refunded money, this must also be refunded through the office for record purposes.

Student Code of Behaviour

The code of behaviour is to be observed in full during the duration of the school tour, and should be reiterated to students, parents and teachers prior to travelling.

Sanctions on Tour

Should a student be guilty of a minor misbehaviour, the incident should be dealt with swiftly by theClass Teacher / Principal, often by means of a verbal warning. The Class Teacher / Principal may however feel that specific sanctions are required such as:

-the student missing a half day activity

-the student missing out on a specific activity e.g. cinema, bowling

Any student receiving such a sanction must be supervised by their Class Teacher.   Further sanctions may be imposed by the Principal when the student returns to school.

Where a student is guilty of a more serious misbehaviour the Principal may decide to phone the student’s parents/ guardians to inform them of the incident.

If the misbehaviour is ongoing and deemed to be dangerous the student may be sent home.

In the case of any serious/ criminal incidents the parents/ guardians will be informed and the matter will be handed over to the local police.

All incidents of serious misbehaviour must be reported to the Principal on return to school, and will be noted on the student record.

Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the Principal to ensure that complete and up – to- date contact information is left available in the school office for the duration of the trip in the event of an emergency.

This list should include:

(i) Names, addresses and home contact numbers of all those travelling.

(ii) A contact number for the Principal.

(iii) A copy of the travel itinerary, phone numbers etc.

Insurance and Indemnity

School tours within Ireland (and Northern Ireland) by pupils and teachers are normally covered by the school insurance, provided the Board of Management properly approved it.

We also have a mandatory 24 hour insurance on all our pupils, which covers both in and out of school activities.

Notice to parents

Parents should be given notice outlining the following:

(i) Objectives of the tour

(ii) Itinerary and duration of the tour

(iii) Total cost involved and method of payment

(iv) Code of behaviour to be observed

Parents/ guardians should be made aware of their duty to inform the school of any relevant health and safety issues which might affect their child while on tour the school. Policy on Administration of Medication will apply to school tours and class teacher will take charge of it.

All parents/ guardians must sign a permission slip as an essential pre-requisite for participation of their children in any school tour.

It is essential that all students are collected at the school premises, by a parent/guardian, in the aftermath of any tour that arrives back outside of school hours.


This policy has been in operation since May 2014.


The policy was ratified by the Board of Management on Thursday 04 May 2017.

[March 2017]